A Unified Work Plan on NMCT and NSTT

NDOE — During the week of December 17-21, 2018, a group of national and state representatives from testing, curriculum, and SPED office had a one-week training in Colonia, Yap. The specific objectives of the training workshop were to have a uniformity on the implementation of NMCT (National Minimum Competency Test) across the nation, to have a unified work plan on NMCT and NSTT, and to have a clear understanding of the tools that will be utilized in the Implementation of NMCT in the year 2019.
This was a five-day workshop; first day of the workshop covered the discussion of workplan by each state. On the second day, the team was grouped based on state to discuss issues encountered when implementing NMCT; followed by a presentation of the issues with solutions. The third day of the workshop was spent on revisiting and revising the NMCT Implementation Manual from 2010.
On the following day, a training of the newly revised NMCT Implementation manual was done to Yap Proctors. The plan was to have all Yap proctors certified within the week, unfortunately there were some unexpected problems faced. Finally, closing of the training was done on the fifth day, which is December 23, 2018 with confidence of an improved NMCT/NSTT result for the years to come.