Administrative Officer

Rencelynn Wilson
Administrative Officer
Department of Education
FSM National Government


Administrative Officer, Administration

As the Administrative Officer, the scope of this role has been expanded to encompass both secretarial and fiscal duties within the Department. The incumbent will be tasked with overseeing budget development and the preparation of integrated plans and quarterly reports. Additionally, the Administrative Officer will be responsible for initiating employee recruitment processes, as well as coordinating the screening process for new hires. Furthermore, this office will be responsible for reviewing and recording independent or personal contracts initiated by the Department, and evaluating the performance of the Executive Secretary, Fiscal Specialist, Administrative Specialist, and office Secretary.

In addition to the responsibilities mentioned, the Administrative Officer will also be responsible for:

    1. Implementing and maintaining administrative policies and procedures to ensure the smooth functioning of the Department.
    2. Monitoring and controlling the Department’s expenses, ensuring that they align with the budget and financial goals of the organization.
    3. Developing and maintaining a robust administrative support system, ensuring that all operational activities are carried out efficiently and effectively.
    4. Providing guidance and support to other members of the Department, serving as a mentor and resource for administrative staff.
    5. Ensuring that all administrative records and documents are properly maintained and stored, in accordance with legal and organizational requirements.
    6. Collaborating with other departments and stakeholders to coordinate cross-functional initiatives and projects, ensuring the Department’s goals are aligned with the organization’s overall objectives.
    7. Staying current on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies, and implementing these as appropriate to enhance the Department’s performance.