FSM School Accreditation Core Team Training

NDOE—Accreditation Program has conducted and completed training on the newly revised FSM School Accreditation Procedures Manual- 2018 in all four states in the FSM from October 25th to December 22nd 2018. 
The layout of the training includes awareness on the policy change in the manual, lessons on how to use developed tools including an electric devise (tablet), discussions on the accreditation standards, criteria, and sub-criteria, identifying evidences that support each criteria, tablet training (electronic tool) and a evaluation practice visit at a school using both tablet and paper/pencil for scoring, deliberation of scores and report write up of findings of the practice and present report to the school.  
The first training was provided for the thirteen National Core Team Members. In application and expansion of the training, each state core team members go back to their state and conduct a Training of Trainers; a similar training with their State School Evaluation Team (SSET) with at least three core team members partaking as a continued training on the subject. 
Near future plan includes SSET training for their principals and teachers, induction ceremony for the FSM National Accreditation Core Team and evaluation visit to fifty percent of the schools in FSM and shall start in the month of March 2019