The IQBE Yap Technical Coordinator (TC)

Office of the Director

FSM Personnel Office

P.O. Box PS-35
Palikir, Pohnpei, FM 96941
Tel: (691) 320-2618/2642

IQBE Yap Technical Coordinator (National)
FSM Department of Education

The Position: The IQBE Yap Technical Coordinator (TC) will work under the guidance of the International Project Director and Yap State Project Director to ensure that project activities implemented by project institutions, relevant National and Yap Department of Education units, and international consultants are well coordinated and closely monitored to ensure that the deadlines, targets, reporting requirements and outcomes are met.

Key responsibilities include:

      • Prepare IQBE Yap annual work plan in cooperation with the project institutions, the technical committee, and relevant YDOE units for review and endorsement by the Yap State Project Director before it is submitted to the International Project Director prior to Project Steering Committee review and approval;
      • Coordinate and facilitate the works of the project institutions, the technical committee, and relevant YDOE units to ensure free flow of information and sharing of progress of project activities and experiences, as well as issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner. For this the TC will convene a quarterly meeting among the project institutions, the technical committee, and relevant units of the YDOE. Subsequently, the TC will prepare a report which will form a part of NDOE quarterly progress report to ADB;
      • Monitor and assess the progress of technical works under each project output against the targets of the annual work plan on a monthly basis and identify issues that need to be addressed including recommendations to resolve the issues for consideration by the International Project Director and State Project Director;
      • Act as a focal point for international consultants in order to coordinate and facilitate their activities with the project institutions, the technical committee, relevant YDOE units, and the schools covered under the project; he/she will hold regular meetings with the consultants to review progress of their work, their contributions towards the achievements of their TOR and targets; and provide guidance and support as necessary.
      • Collect data information and statistics on project institutions, schools covered by the project, and beneficiaries to establish baseline data for the project and for N/YDOE and use the baseline data to compare the achievements outputs, outcomes, and impact of the project against the targets in the DMF;
      • Lead the Technical Committee and the project staff at the project institutions, relevant YDOE units, with the support of international consultants, to conduct a mid- term review (summative evaluation) and final evaluation (summative evaluation) of the project and prepare a mid-term report and Project Completion Report for submission to ADB at mid-term and at the end of the project.
      • Perform any other related functions, duties, and tasks as may be assigned or requested by the Secretary of Education, International Project Director, Teacher Development Policy Specialist cum Project Management Specialist, and State Project Director.

Minimum of an Undergraduate (Bachelors) degree or higher required in education or relevant field. At least 8 years of working experience in education and education technical coordination amongst education service providers.

Location and Term of Assignment:
The Technical Coordinator will be based at Yap Department of Education for the duration of the assignment. This is a full-time assignment with a duration of 12 months, from November 2023 to November 2024. Contract extension will be based on performance.

The annual salary is $24,000.08 depending upon qualification and experience of the applicant.

To apply:
Register on the ADB Consultant Management System at first then submit a Curriculum Vitae and Expression of Interest. Deadline to submit CV and EOI through ADB CMS and/or FSM Personnel Office is October 26, 2023.

For further clarifications or need assistance to register on CMS, please contact Marlynn Halbert at