Marcella Foundation impacts schools with healthy contribution

On February 19, 2020, Secretary Kalwin Kephas of National Department of Education was personally elated to receive a very welcome donation from the Marcella Foundation. This special donation came in boxes of hygienic products consisting of 2000 toothpaste, 1000 set of tooth brush and tooth paste bringing the total tally of 3000 combined.  Some NDOE staff were tasked to distribute the accounted items to approximately 35 schools on Pohnpei Island proper.

The in kind donation from the Marcella Foundation could have not have been received at a more timely fashion considering the implementation of the Wash stations at several schools in the State of Pohnpei  and the recent spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the world.

Coincidentally, both events  mentioned, amplify the need to strengthen health and hygiene practices in our community and schools. The objective of the Wash program and provisions at the school sites is to ensure access to adequate water and quality, clean and sanitized facilities, and availability of soap to wash, and water for frequent hand washing. Much to the satisfaction of receiving charitable donations from generous donors like the Marcella Foundation, NDOE is encouraged to assert its continuing efforts to complement the good will of donors, partners, and stakeholders to keep our community and schools safe and healthy.