Letter of Interest for Information Systems and Data Adviser

National Government
Telephone: ( 691) 320- 2609/2647/2303 Website: https://www.national.doe.fm


Information Systems and Data Adviser(International)

Project value:

USD 112,800

Expected to start on:

March 18, 2024

Total Input:

160 days

Completion of the task:

September 30, 2024

Deadline for Submission of Letter of Interest:

March 7 , 2024

Implementing Agency:

National Department of Education, FSM

Contact Person:

Acting Secretary: wmendiola@national.doe.fm


In response to feedback and comments about the quality and availability of educational data in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), a joint project was initiated in FY 2016/17 to improve the Education Management Information System (EMIS). The project involved developing a platform for EMIS, upgrading the hardware and software for the National Department of Education (NDOE) and State Department of Education (SDOE), and building the capacity of principals and data managers. These efforts were crucial in establishing an effective EMIS for FSM, also known as FedEMIS. In addition to the technical upgrades, assistance was also provided in developing a National Data Management Policy for FSM.

The FSM Association of Chief State School Officers (FACSSO) passed a resolution (# 18-01) in October 2017 endorsing the establishment of a National Data Management Policy for FSM. With the broad national EMIS policy in place and the basic platform for FedEMIS ready, some preparatory work is needed to ensure a smooth and effective rollout of FedEMIS in the FSM. This includes ensuring readiness at the State DOEs, principals, and data managers, which may require hardware and software upgrades, as well as training and orientation to manage the SDOE platforms that link to FedEMIS. At the school level, principals and teachers responsible for data management must also be prepared to support FedEMIS and manage their schools with the FedSIS after the initial development in 2018.

The initial purpose of FedEMIS was to address national interests and needs, but state departments of education have requested specific data to be included, such as information on teacher credentials, age, and retirement time for planning replacements. With support from US Department of Interior to implement a project aimed at improving the quality of basic education and meeting Sustainable Development Goal targets, which will require regular collection and reporting of student performance data. To meet these demands and develop an efficient EMIS, the NDOE has created a five-year master plan that includes integrating state-specific data needs into the main EMIS through sub-platforms. The NDOE is seeking qualified individuals to provide technical assistance and support in refining and consolidating the EMIS Master Plan.

The objective of this solicitation is to continue assisting the NDOE and state DOE in developing and improving FedEMIS and FedSIS, including incorporating both national and state requirements, updating user manuals and troubleshooting, and preparing data managers to manage FedEMIS independently.

The objectives of this solicitation is to provide continued assistance to NDOE and state DOE to support the on-going development of FedEMIS and FedSIS. During this fifth phase, consultant is expected to improve the FedEMIS platform, update other modules, incorporate both National and State DOE’s requirements, update user manuals and troubleshooting, prepare National and State DOE’s data managers so that they are competent enough to manage FedEMIS independently.

Scope of Work

  1. Resolving Issues with Previously Developed Feature:
    • Identify and address any existing issues with the previously developed feature.
    • Ensure thorough testing and validation to verify the resolution of identified issues.
    • Document the fixes and provide necessary documentation for reference.
  1. Conducting Training on FedSIS and IPQRS to All Four States:
    • Develop comprehensive training materials for the FedSIS system.
    • Schedule and coordinate training sessions for representatives from all four states.
    • Deliver interactive training sessions to ensure understanding and proficiency in using FedSIS and IPQRS.
    • Provide ongoing support and resources for participants post-training.
  1. Finalizing Online Teacher Testing Prototype and Update:
    • Complete any remaining development tasks for the online teacher testing prototype.
    • Conduct user acceptance testing to ensure functionality and usability.
    • Incorporate feedback and make necessary updates to the prototype.
    • Conduct training sessions to familiarize users with the updated prototype.
  1. Upgrading the Special Education Module to Meet Program Needs:
    • Assess current requirements and gaps in the Special Education Module.
    • Develop a plan to upgrade the module to align with program needs.
    • Implement necessary changes and enhancements to the module.
    • Validate the upgraded module through testing and feedback loops.
  1. Conducting Training on the Upgraded IPQRS:
    • Develop training materials covering the upgraded features of the IPQRS.
    • Schedule and conduct training sessions for relevant stakeholders.
    • Provide hands-on demonstrations and exercises to ensure proficiency.
    • Offer ongoing support and resources for users post-training.
  1. Providing Advice on Project Specifications for Other Projects:
    • Review project specifications for other ongoing or upcoming projects.
    • Offer recommendations and advice to ensure alignment with best practices and organizational goals.
    • Collaborate with project teams to refine and finalize specifications as needed.
  1. Integrating FedEMIS Data into NDOE Website:
    • Assess integration requirements and technical feasibility.
    • Develop a plan for securely integrating FedEMIS data into the NDOE website.
    • Implement necessary integration processes and protocols.
    • Test and validate data integration to ensure accuracy and reliability.
  1. Finalizing Work on Correlation Module in the FedEMIS:
    • Complete remaining development tasks for the correlation module.
    • Conduct thorough testing to verify functionality and accuracy.
    • Address any identified issues or bugs.
    • Document the finalized correlation module for future reference.
  1. Reorganizing FedEMIS Warehouse:
    • Assess current warehouse structure and organization.
    • Develop a plan to reorganize the warehouse for improved efficiency and accessibility.
    • Execute the reorganization plan, including data migration and restructuring.
    • Validate the effectiveness of the reorganized warehouse through testing and user feedback


    • Resolved issues with previously developed feature.
    • Facilitated training on FedSIS for all four states.
    • Finalized the online teacher testing prototype and conducted training. Also, updated the prototype.
    • Upgraded the Special Education Module to align with program requirements.
    • Conducted training sessions on the upgraded IPQRS.
    • Provided guidance on project specifications for other projects.
    • Integrated FedEMIS data into the NDOE website.
    • Finalized work on the correlation module in the FedEMIS.
    • FedEMIS warehouse reorganized for improved efficiency.

Working Modality

The consultant is expected to work off-site for most of the tasks in collaboration with the National DOE team, but must be physically present to provide FedSIS training to specific schools in all four states and two weeks with the NDOE team. The consultant is responsible for their travel and training expenses. Weison Weital and David Syne from the EMIS section of NDOE will serve as the primary contacts for the consultant. Additionally, the consultant will work directly with the state data managers and IT staff.

 Qualification and Experience

    • Fifteen years of relevant work experience with at least five years’ experience in software development.
    • Expert with the Pacific EMIS upon which the FedEMIS is built on.
    • Familiar with .NET, Typescript, AngularJS, HTML/CSS JavaScript
    • Familiar with automated software development systems like Grunt/Gulp
    • Fluent with software management and processes using tools like Github
    • Expert with SQL and relational database management system including MS SQL
    • Expert with data management especially in the context of developing countries
    • Solid understanding of the education systems in the Pacific
    • Solid foundation of statistics, especially statistics as applied in the field of education
    • Advanced knowledge of student information systems
    • Expert knowledge of the EMIS
    • Security expertise is a strong advantage

 Submission of Letter of Interest

Letter of interest (LOI) along with a complete CV and expected remuneration must be submitted to wmendiola@national.doe.fm no later than March 7, 2024. In the LOI, please quote your fees, Matrix for completion of deliverables.