e Australia Awards Scholarships 2025

Australia Awards scholarships in the FSM

The Australian Embassy presents its compliments to the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Federated States of Micronesia and has the honour to announce the opening of the Australia Awards Scholarships 2025 intake today, 1 February 2024. Closing date is midnight 30 April 2024.

Australia Awards scholarships are prestigious international awards offered by the Australian Government to the next generation of global leaders in developing countries. Through study and research, recipients develop the skills and knowledge to drive change and help build enduring people-to-people links with Australia.

There are two types of scholarship programs: The Australia Awards Scholarship provides the opportunity to obtain a qualification of Master’s degree of any field of study at an Australian tertiary institution, and a newly added study program to acquire a Bachelor’s degree or Graduate Certificate of Aviation Management at Griffith University. The Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship caters for Bachelor’s degree, Postgraduate Diploma and Master’s degree in any field at partnered Pacific institutions.

Australia Awards Scholarships offers full tuition fee for the entire study period, travel entitlements and living expenses for the successful awardees, fully funded by the Government of Australia. Please find enclosed Australia Awards Application Guidelines and brochures to learn more about the eligibility requirements.

The Australian Embassy will hold its first information session online on 14 February 2024, to guide aspiring students and parents on the requirements of the scholarship. The details will be available on the Australian Embassy’s website: www.fsm.embassy.gov.au. Follow the Australian Embassy Facebook page for regular updates: www.facebook.com/Australia Embassy PNI or contact the Australian Embassy via email: australiaawards.fsmfojdfat.gov.au. Applications must be submitted online via the OASIS (Online Australia

Awards Scholarships Information System) portal: https://oasis.dfat.gov.au/. All applicants need to register a new account on the said website to be able to access the online application form. The Australian Embassy has the honour to request for the attached documents be share with relevant departments, government agencies, and to the public.

The Australian Embassy avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Federated States of Micronesia the
assurances of its highest consideration.

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