Close Up 2019: Who Am I, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow?

NDOE News and Updates–Pursuant to Section 8(6)e of Public Law 20-131, a sum of $ 75,000.00 was appropriated by the 21st FSM Congress for the continuation of the National Close Up Local Program (NCUP) which brings exceptional junior and senior students from the FSM states for a unique opportunity to observe first-hand and close-up look on how the national government operates. This year’s program theme is “Who am I, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow?”. This focus is more on understanding our selves through the three distinct aspects of our lives: cultural, religion, and our government. 
Moreover, the program aims to nurture the students’ decisions and aspirations toward political careers. Another main focus of the program involves observing the national congress in session, students meeting their respective representatives, and the opportunity to meet the 9th President of the FSM, His Excellency David W. Panuelo.  
The program has expanded to include visit to the only institute of higher education in the nation, College of Micronesia-FSM, and other exotic places on the capital state to enhance their experiences and exposure.  On the cultural side of things, students experience the Pohnpei culture locally known as preparation of “uhmw and sakau” in Senpehn, Madolenihmw and proceed to also visit the historic ruins of Nan Madol and Kepirohi Waterfall. Aside from observing the Pohnpeian culture, the students were given a chance to share their unique cultures to their brothers and sisters from the other states. 
During the closing of the program, evaluation forms were given out to students, the following were collected from the evaluation: students claimed that the one-week time period set for Close Up Program is not enough, they were thankful for the welcome and services provided to them; the inspiration and motivation to further their studies, and lastly they wish for the continuity of the program.