Education Data 2020

FSM Education Reports On The Education Indicators

This is the FSM Indicators Report for the school year 2019-20, which first started in
the FSM known as the JEMCO Indicators Report. The data is almost entirely from a
single integrated source: The Federated States of Micronesia Education Management
Information System (FedEMIS), a byproduct of the recent data improvement
In this publication, we include a agreed upon selection of 25 indicators. In general, it
includes only the data and analysis. Those interested in details about where our data
comes from, how it is cleaned up and validated, how the figures we publish are
computed (methodology) are referred to the larger Education Statistics Digest. The
publication is organized into the usual six simple themes each presenting indicators
shown for the nation and by state.
While various indicators have improved, the FSM continues its slight decline in
enrolments. Access to primary education is generally better then both ECE and
Secondary a trend that is yet to see a reversal. The situation is all four states is similar
for most indicators and most noticeable differences are discussed throughout the
Two schools in Chuuk have closed and merged with other schools. We boast a very
good pupil-teacher ratio and most of our teachers are considered qualified based on
our current minimum requirements. Our teacher attrition (teacher
turnover/retention) is now produced with higher accuracy than before due to new
tools we have deployed. While our teacher attrition needs to be improved qualified
teachers have a higher tendency to remain in the education system.
Due to the coronavirus, there was no NMCT exams this here and therefore no related
data is included in this publication.

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