FACSSO Resolution Number 11-04

Resolution # FR11-04

A Resolution requiring all Directors of the Department of Education, FSM States, to submit quarterly progress and expenditure reports within ten (10) days after the end of each quarter, starting at the 2nd Quarter of current Fiscal Year 2011, and to submit End-of-Year Report by October 31, 2011 to National Department of Education, and for other purposes;

WHEREAS, Resolution JEMCO #2010-6 required the States’ Departments of Education to submit administrative and program action plans addressing the “noncompliance” issues identified in their respective job audit reports of 2010; and,

WHEREAS, the said departments in Yap, Pohnpei and Kosrae have submitted their plans, while Chuuk Department of Education has incorporated its related corrective measures into its 2010-2015 Long Term Education reform Plan and submitted it; and,

WHEREAS, as the sole grantee of Compact Sector fund, the National Department of Education is required to ensure the states’ Departments of Education’s compliance and adherence to their said action plans through reporting of their progresses and periodical on-site monitoring and evaluation to be conducted by the National Department of Education ; and NOW THEREFORE,

BE IT RESOLVED that the States‘ Department of Education submit quarterly progress and expenditure reports on April 10 and July 10, 2011, and End-of-Year report on October 31, 2011 to the National Department of Education and include under the part on “Other Accomplishments” in the National Reporting System progresses and setbacks encountered in performing corrective measures toward improving their “noncompliance” issues;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this Resolution he transmitted to the States’ Departments of Finances and Offices or Divisions of Budget, Office of the President, Director of SBOC and Secretary, Department of Finance and Administration, National Government.

Signed on this 25th day, February 2011

Sr. Margaret Margou, Director, Yap DOE
Gardenia Aisek, Director, Chuuk DOE
Joseph Villazon, Director, Pohnpei DOE
Lugo Skilling, Acting Director, Kosrae DOE
Spensin James, President, COM-FSM
Casiano Shoniber, Secretary, FSM NDOE